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Tom's Pro Shop And TI Custom Programming are proud to present:

QwikAlarm Computer Alarm Clock and Timer

Our Newest and Biggest Software Title


Download and Use QwikAlarm FREE!

Ever missed an appointment, burned the cookies you were baking or missed the beginning of your favorite show or the kickoff in that special football game because you were busy on the computer and the time just slipped away?



Download and Use QwikAlarm FREE!


ApPatrol Computer WatchDog Software

Finally available. Download your free 15-Day Trial NOW!

If you have an older version of ApPatrol there is a Version 2.2 Update Available. Download NOW!

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More Information

A safe and secure way to monitor and control access to your computer. With ApPatrol you can monitor programs, password protect files, folders and programs, set minimum sign-on times and shutdown times, filter the internet and much more. Lock your desktop while your away, stop file downloads from the internet and take complete control over your computer system settings all with a simple click of the mouse.

Never before has so much control been in your hands.

Perfect for the home to protect your family.

Perfect for the small business concerned about security.

Try ApPatrol free for fifteen days.

Download your free 15-Day Trial NOW!

Visit the ApPatrol Home Page

QwikChek Moneybook

If you have an older version of QwikChek there is a Version 2.2.6 Update Available. Download NOW!

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More Information

     A quick and easy to use way to organize your personal or small business finances. Enter a variety of transactions including checks, deposits, online purchases and debit card purchases. See your income and expenses in vivid graphs that help you track where your money is going. Set up accounts, reconcile your bank statements and sort your entries using our exclusive summary features. At last a simple yet powerful tool to help you control and manage your finances.

Winner of nineteen awards for excellance.

"BrotherSoft Review Staff give one product the maximum 5 out of 5 Rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on." -

"We hope that you will display your award with pride. Not everyone can get top marks!" -

"Awards given by popular software directories like proves the quality of your software." - SmartDownloads

"QwikCheck Moneybook has received 5-star rating. Congratulations!" -

"We have checked your software twice and it is great ! So here is your award of 5 stars !" -

Download QwikChek Moneybook 2.2.6 NOW!

Buy QwikChek Moneybook 2.2.6 NOW!

Visit the QwikChek Moneybook home page

QwikSecure File Protection System

If you have an older version of QwikSecure there is a New Update Available

 Download NOW!

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More Information

   A fast and easy way to hide your files and folders on your home or small office computer. You can hide your folders as any one of five possible disguises. Choose to hide your folder as your 'Recycle Bin' and any unauthorized user will be directed to your recycle bin instead of your protected folder or directory. This system is secure from all but the most skilled computer users and is a sure way to protect your vital or confidential data files. Supports multiple users and each user can protect their own folders. But only that specific user may un-protect only the folders they protected.   Quick and simple interface guides even the most novice user through the protection process.

Winner of eleven awards for excellance.

Download QwikSecure File Protection System NOW!

Buy QwikSecure File Protection System NOW!

Visit the QwikSecure File Protection System Home Page

QwikContact Address Book

Now Available. Download NOW!

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Product Page Available Soon!

Upgrade to version 2.2 Now Available. Download NOW!


Out of the Blue - Book One of Project Infinity

A SciFi Thriller by Tom Inabnet

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Professor Dalton Parker is about to complete his invention ‘The Infinity Device,’ the world’s first matter transmission machine. Shrouded in secrecy by the US government, this device represents the next great step in space travel. But on the night before final testing, a horrible accident destroys the laboratory and all its contents.

Or does it? Caught in a web of deceit and treachery, Professor Parker finds himself and his invention spirited thousands of miles away by Heinrich, a notorious arms dealer, who hungers for the power this new technology can bring to him. His carefully planned sabotage has delivered his prize to within inches of his grasp.

Now the US government’s most elite Black Ops unit, commanded by Major John Starling, must race against the clock to rescue the Infinity Device and Professor Parker from the terrorists who will use its awesome power as a weapon of mass destruction.

The race is on for the possession of the swirling power that comes Out Of The Blue.

Avaliable at and Barnes and

The Golfer's Guide to Perfect Putting

    Improve you golf game by learning the secrets of mastering the perfect putting stroke. Step by step instruction on how to lower your golf score by 5, 10 or even fifteen strokes per round. Subjects covered are equipment, your stance, the putting swing and how to read even the most subtle greens. Used sucessfully around the world by golf enthusiasts. If golf is your game, don't miss this amazing product. No tricks, no gommicks, no fancy gadgets to buy. Just down to earth facts about the putting game and how you can turn your golf game into something you can be proud of

For more information about The Golfer's Guide to Perfect Putting visit: Golfer's Guide

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