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Guaranteed to Lower your Golf Score by 10 Strokes!

'The Golfer's Guide to Perfect Putting'

Develop the perfect putting stroke 

- Easy Techniques Revealed -

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Putting Tips for Beginners and Veterans Alike!

Everyone in the game of golf is searching for the perfect swing instruction.  We spend days searching for lessons on the web, the ultimate swing training aid and spend hour after hour practicing driving that ball long and straight down the range.  After all, everybody in the game wants to hit the long ball.  Right?

But have you ever hit a beautiful 300 yard drive yet still scored a double or even triple bogey?  Remember the last time you laid the golf ball five feet from the flag on your approach shot and three putted for bogey?

'Par' is defined as a given number of strokes to reach the green and two putts.  This means that a textbook day at the golf course would include eighteen drives, eighteen 'approach' shots and thirty-six putts.   

That's right!  Putting is half of the game of golf.  I have watched too many of my fellow players anguish over a simple two-foot putt just to push or pull or hammer it right past the hole, time after time.  Yet this is one of the most neglected aspects of the game as taught by most Golf Teaching Professionals. 

Every new golfer searches for lessons to play better golf and tips to cure their long game problems. But there can be no perfect golf swing instruction without including techniques to master your play on the green.

I am a Golf Teaching Professional and my goal is to teach every golfer how to putt like professional golfers putt.  This is not three hundred pages on the philosophy, astral mechanics or mental trance that will help you understand why your putts always miss the hole on the low side or shoot past the hole like a rocket.  Just the easiest golf tips lessons on the web and techniques to improve your game.

This book contains golf tips for beginners and seasoned players alike. With cures to the most common problems in the putting game in clear plain English and easy principles that will guarantee your score will drop as many as fifteen strokes from your golf handicap.

The Five Keys to Putting Success:

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Download Now!

Imagine walking onto a green with a clear plan on how to drain your six-footer for birdie or place that forty-footer within tap-in range for par...


And here's my guarantee!

Download this ebook now for the price of $14.95 (less than a round of golf, even without the cart).  Read it carefully, practice the drills for thirty days and apply these simple techniques to your putting game.  If you don't see a remarkable improvement in your putting game and feel more comfortable and confident on the putting surface, I will cheerfully refund your money. 

This is the perfect swing instruction book for those who are serious about their golf game!

We love the game of golf and 'par' is the sweetest word in the game.  Order now and end those putting jitters forever.  Together we can lower your score and give you something to cheer about at the 19th hole.

Download Now And Improve Your Game Forever!

Comments from golfers who have used 'The Golfer's Guide to Perfect Putting'

Hey Tom,
I won the longest putt ($18 at the pro shop) in our golf league and people have remarked on how much my putting has improved this year...
Sharon, Minnesota

Sorry I haven't been back to you. Yes I had some great success with your book it has been very helpful I have reduced my putts to average around 32 putts per round this cut an average of 6 to 8 shots of my golf score for 18 holes. Approx 4 weeks ago I purchased a long putter to also try and this has also worked well the improvement has gone through my whole short game it has just given me that extra confidence .My handicap has stopped blowing out and I have actually reduced it by 3 shots back to 13.
Thanks heaps I'm now enjoying my golf game again.
Peter , Australia

I have been using your e-book and find it chock-full of valuable tips.  Here in MN we have a very short season, so go months without an opportunity to play.  I cannot say that this has changed my score (yet) because I haven’t been able to play very often since I acquired it, but my putting practice is far more consistent now that I have lost the “chicken wing” and opened my stance. 
I really need a lot more practice on reading the green, and visualizing the flow of water downhill is an excellent device.  The geometry of the break is something that will take a lot more work on my part though. 
I not only recommend this book to anyone who wants to better their putting, but I want to buy a copy for a friend.  I also had my brother read it (he plays good golf all over the USA) and he found it impressive as well.
ST, Minnesota


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