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Ever missed an appointment, burned the cookies you were baking or missed the beginning of your favorite show or the kickoff in that special football game because you were busy on the computer and the time just slipped away?

As a software engineer, I understand these things all too well. Many times I would be engrossed in a project just to look up and see hours had passed and I was late again.

Well, after being yelled at by my wife for the hundredth time, I was getting pretty sick of the whole thing and QwikAlarm was born.

QwikAlarm is an alarm clock/timer program designed to run in the background on your computer, keep track of your appointments and remind you when its time to do other things.

QwikAlarm is simple to use and is free for all to use. That's right. The basic alarm and timer functions are free! That's right. No trial period. No evaluation. Just FREE. FOREVER!

Simply click on the top radio button to activate the timer and choose the number of hours, minutes and seconds before the timer is to remind you of your appointment. Then enter a message to remind you of what you need to do when the timer goes off and click the 'Set Alarm' button.

Then click the 'Minimize' button and QwikAlarm will then put itself in your systrey and wait. When the amount of time you have chosen passes, the timer is triggered and a reminder appears on your screen.

    QwikAlarm is the clock symbol in the systrey.

QwikAlarm will also act as an alarm clock for you. Simply click the second radio button and choose the time you wish. Either pick from the drop down lists or type in any time. Then click the 'Set Alarm' button and your alarm has been set.

To remove an alarm you no longer need, click on the description of that alarm and answer 'Yes' when it asks you if you want to delete the alarm.

So what happens when your alarm goes off? That's the surprise. Well, not really. When your alarm is triggered, all of programs that are active on your computer are hidden and the alarm reminder appears.

Don't worry. None of your open programs are effected in any way when the alarm is triggered. They are just paused and hidden while the notification screen is present. Simply click the 'OK' button and the notification screen will disappear and all of your applications will return as they were before the alarm was triggered.

Even your video games will return to the place you left them without change. In fact, all of your work will be just as you left them.

If you need more time to complete what you are doing, click on the 'Remind Me Later' buttons then click 'OK' and your alarm will be reset for up to an hour later. QwikAlarm will automatically reset itself and return to your systrey.

Its just that simple. And its free! Download your copy today and stop missing those important appointments.

QwikAlarm works on Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Professional Edition, Windows 98 even on Windows Millennium edition. We haven't tested it on Windows Mobile edition but I suspect it will work there as well. Don't quote me.

Download Free Version Of QwikAlarm

Upgrade To Full Version

--- Advanced Features ---

Of course, I have to eat, too so I also designed a few advanced features you may wish to have. They are available for the very small fee of just $10.00.

Below is a description of these features.


  This is my favorite feature. QwikAlarm will play any .mp3,  .wav, .avi or just about any music format you want. Click this button and choose your favorite song or other music file you wish and QwikAlarm will play your selection when your alarm goes off. It can even repeat your selection until you click the 'OK' button on the notification screen. That way you will not miss an alarm if you've stepped away from your computer for a few moments.  



  The 'Enable AutoStart' button tells QwikAlarm to start each time you start your computer. QwikAlarm will automatically start, minimize itself to your systrey and wait for when you need it. Just click on the clock symbol and QwikAlarm is ready for your use. When you have finished with QwikAlarm, click the 'Close' button and QwikAlarm will return to your systrey.



The 'Enable Right Click' button will put QwikAlarm in the right click menu on the windows 'Start' button. Just click on the QwikAlarm menu item and QwikAlarm will be ready for you to use. When you have finished with QwikAlarm, click the 'Exit' button and QwikAlarm will stop running.



Click on the 'Calendar' button and QwikAlarm's calendar page will appear.

Just click on day for the appointment you want to be reminded of and a schedule will appear. By the way, the green date is today. You can pick any day, in any month, in any year.

Just click on the start time of your appointment, give a description and choose the duration of the appointment. Then click 'Set Appointment' and your done. QwikAlarm will remember your appointment and remind you when it's due.

When you return to the calendar, you will see a reminder on the day you set your appointment. Click the day with the reminder and you will return to the schedule screen. Pretty cool, huh?



 The 'To Do List' is where you can set up things you need to do throughout your day. Its similar to the calendar but where the calendar is designed for long term appointments, the 'To Do List' is meant for daily use.

Items in the list who's time has past will appear in red. To delete an item just click on that item and click on 'Delete Item'. To delete all past items click on 'Delete Expired'.

This is one of my favorite features. I use it every morning to set up my reminders for that day. My wife doesn't have to yell at me anymore. Well, not about forgetting things I'm supposed to do during the day.

There you have it sports fans. QwikAlarm is simple and easy to use. And you have my guarantee. If you have any problems with the program, just let me know at [email protected] and I will fix the problem and send you a copy of the new program. I will even give you the advanced features for free if your problem is legitimate and helps me improve QwikAlarm.

Download Free Version Of QwikAlarm

Upgrade To Full Version

I hope you find this little jewel as handy and helpful as I have.


Tom Inabnet

Author - QwikAlarm and other great software

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